Morning Affirmations: Sipping Positivity from Coley Made's Mugs

Nicole Balinski

"Grow Positive Thoughts" Mug sits next to pink phone

I’m sorry, your old mindset can't come to the phone right now. ☎️

Rise and shine, lovely souls! Say goodbye to your old mindset because it's not picking up the phone today. Instead, let's infuse our mornings with a sprinkle of magic. Picture this: you, your favorite Coley Made mug, your go-to morning brew, and a dash of empowering affirmations to kickstart your day with inspiration.

What is an affirmation?

Now, about those affirmations—think of them as those rays of sunshine you intentionally scatter throughout your day. They're like little power-packed statements that you repeat to yourself, nudging your thoughts and mindset in a positive direction. It's almost like planting seeds of encouragement in the garden of your mind. 

"Good Day to Have a Good Day" Coley Made Can Glass

Affirmations are all about boosting your confidence, nurturing self-love, and shifting your perspective to a brighter space. So, when you catch yourself saying, "I've got this!" or "I am amazing," you're giving yourself a virtual high-five and a pep talk, all rolled into one! 🙌

Come along as we explore the practice of morning affirmations—one rejuvenating sip at a time—using our captivating collection of mugs. Let's turn our mornings into a canvas for nurturing our minds, reigniting our souls, and embracing the boundless potential that each day holds. 

Choosing your affirmation mug

Handpick an affirmation that resonates with your soul.

"Focus on the Good" Mug from Coley MadeImagine starting your day with a mug that not only cradles your favorite morning elixir but also carries a powerful affirmation that speaks directly to your heart. Explore our range of handcrafted mugs, each adorned with words that radiate positivity and inspiration. Whether it's “Grow Positive Thoughts" or “Focus on the Good" your chosen affirmation becomes the guiding light of your day.

Brew your drink with intention

Fill your mug with positive vibes.

"You are Energy" Mug from Coley MadeAs you pour your coffee, tea, or cocoa into your affirmation mug, infuse it with intention. Visualize the warm liquid becoming a vessel of positive energy that nourishes your body and soul. This moment becomes a reminder to approach your day with mindfulness and a heart brimming with gratitude.

Mindful Sip and Reflect

Savor each sip in reflection.

"Brighter Days Ahead" Mug from Coley MadeTake that first sip with a purpose, allowing the affirmation to mingle with your thoughts. With every subsequent sip, feel the energy of the affirmation wrap around you like a cozy blanket. Reflect on how the affirmation aligns with your journey, guiding your interactions and choices throughout the day.

Setting Positive Intentions

Turn your intentions into affirmations.

"Don't Look Back" Coley Made MugAs you sip, softly or aloud, let the affirmation become your mantra. Feel it resonate within you, aligning your thoughts and actions with positivity. Affirmations hold the power to shift your mindset, empowering you to tackle challenges with resilience and welcome opportunities with open arms.

Explore Our Inspirational Mugs

Elevate your morning with every sip.

Coley Made Positive Vibes collection drinkware

Ready to infuse your mornings with positivity from Coley Made's Positive Vibes mugs? Explore the Positive Vibes collection and uncover the mug that speaks to your soul. Elevate your self-care game and embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment. Each sip crafts a brighter, more intentional day.