The Beginner's Guide to Crystals + Stones

You've seen them: tucked into the pocket of a yoga instructor or a free-spirited friend, or perhaps you have a few of your own.
There's a good chance that you've got some crystals hanging around your house. You might have some decorative rocks in an area where you meditate, or in a piece of jewelry from your grandma. Whatever the case may be, there's probably already some crystal healing happening in your life.
Crystals and stones are one of the most popular and versatile healing tools in existence. They can be used to reduce stress, relieve pain, cleanse the body, and help you sleep. And that's just for starters!
As a beginner, it can be tricky to navigate the world of healing crystals. There are sooooo many types, and they all seem to promise different things.
How do you know which ones you need? How do you choose? How do crystals work? Is there any science behind it? And what kind of crystals should you use for what kind of ailments?
By the time you finish, you will have answered "What are Crystals?" and be on your way to “How can I work with crystals and stones to balance my chakras?”.

What is crystal healing?